We understand that today, the average person's attention span is measured in a matter of seconds; where people are overly saturated with text they simply do not have time to read. These individuals consist of potential clients and business decision makers your success relies upon. Using our multi-faceted backgrounds in science/technology, business, and our extensive capabilities in graphic design, video and original audio production, we produce focused, innovative multimedia to actively deliver your message to the world. We can take your audiences inside engineering schematics, to the molecular level and beyond. By working together with our clients through the development of each production, and by operating on a flat-rate per day basis, we focus on doing the best work we can while keeping costs low. This approach has allowed us to operate globally, serving a range of clients from internationally renowned branding agencies, technology companies, resource based companies, government, educational institutions, all the way to fashion and entertainment groups.



  • Promotional/Corporate Videos

    Actively deliver your message to the world in high-definition with on location filming, original audio and dynamic 3D animation.

  • Commercials

    Produce fresh, cost-effective and highly branded television and online commercials to promote your products and services.

  • Multimedia Presentations

    From the most advanced technical/corporate presentations to training videos, we develop multimedia solutions to help you realize your business objectives.

  • Event Filming & Promotions

    Promote or capture your events effectively, using multi-camera on location filming and our extensive production services.

  • Digital Signage

    Transform passersby into potential customers by promoting your products and services using captivating motion graphics and 3D animations.

  • Audio & Music Production

    Our extensive experience in multi-track audio and music production will take your advertisements, jingles or album to the next level.

  • Brand Identity

    We utilize cutting-edged branding strategies that reflect your company’s core values.

  • Web Design & Development

    Our websites intertwine aesthetics, information and our dynamic video productions in a seamless, easy to maintain package.

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